Here are details of our funding:

Choose Peterhead is funded by Scottish Government and Aberdeenshire Council.
For the delivery of action plan the following has been agreed.

Short Term (2016): the Peterhead Futures Group has earmarked £50,000 towards any physical improvements to the area surrounding Drummers Corner. The Local Innovation Fund has a budget of £75,000 and will be available for initiatives from community groups which will enhance the town centre. The Local Innovation Fund will be allocated using a form of participatory budgeting.

Medium Term (2016-18):Funds from the overall £440,000 of town centre budget which have not yet been allocated to specific projects can be bid into to enable projects identified through Choose Peterhead process to go ahead. Applications for projects developing from the process are likely to be viewed favorably as community participation in the process will provide a strong positive endorsement. This available pot could also be used to match any funding from external sources.

Long Term (2018-21):External sources of capital grants include Coastal Communities Fund; the Scottish Government Regeneration Capital Grant Fund; EU LEADER and Fisheries Funds; Creative Communities funding programme; the Robertson Trust; and Community Sport.

Projects developed through a Charrette process such as Choose Peterhead are often in a strong position when applying for capital grants. There will be hands on support available to help groups negotiate the application processes.