Our objectives are:

  • To mobilise the communities of Peterhead to make positive changes within the town centre, to make public space more appealing and user friendly, and to create a vibrant, social and economically thriving environment which people enjoy using.
  • To re-establish the town centre as a destination for social and leisure activities and the recognised hub of community activity in the town.
  • To work with Peterhead’s communities so that both established and newly formed groups to give support. encouragement and funding to take idea’s and projects forward.
  • To inform local spending plans and influence the Local Action Plan, identifying additional sources of external funding to make sure the Choose Peterhead outcomes can be delivered.

Key Challenges:

  • The inhospitable and dreich environment within the town centre.
  • Social and economic regeneration and lack of encouragement in the community to allow groups to put their ideas into practice.
  • The lack of use of the town centre due to having the feeling that it is unsafe.
  • The lack of leisure and social activities.


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